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Career Management
Try something new
Determine your goals
Get focused

Career Management

Is your career at a crossroads? Not sure where to go or what to do next?

  • Would you like to try something new?
  • Is Work/Life balance important to you?
  • Are you feeling disillusioned with your current job?
  • Are you missing out on important projects and promotions?
  • Tired of the ‘rat race’ and looking to assess your work options?

Action Ideas has the qualifications, experience and world-renowned tools to help you find the answers you want. Action Ideas provides a suite of Career Management Services which will assist you to clarify your goals and guide you to take the right steps to achieve fulfillment and satisfaction in your working life and beyond.

Being able to identify and focus on what is important and meaningful to you and having a clear direction will result in increased motivation and a great sense of well being. You owe it to yourself - managing your career is one of the best investments you will ever make.

Some of our services include:

  • Career mentoring, coaching & planning
  • Goals – determining exactly what you want
  • Purpose – tapping into your unique gifts & talents
  • Passion – identifying your key motivators
  • Values – their place and priority in your life, business & career
  • Work / Life Balance – determining what this means for you
  • Action – identifying your ‘motivating’ & ‘burn out’ skills
  • Perceived Constraints – beliefs that are holding you back from success
  • Resume preparation – your personal marketing brochure to win an interview
  • Addressing Selection Criteria
  • Interview skills
  • Salary negotiation

Online career management

For those who want an online Career Management solution we offer the renowned Harrison Assessments™ System used by over 2 million people in more than 5,000 companies worldwide as a valuable tool for selecting, changing or developing your career.  It measures more than 200 factors including task preferences, motivations, interests, work environment and interpersonal preferences.  Note: this is not an assessment of intelligence, education, experience, skills or ability to perform specific tasks. 

The online assessment takes 20 – 30 minutes to complete and provides three reports:

  • Career Options Report :  showing your behavioural profile compared with a data base of 600 careers, highlighting those that are most suitable in comparison to your selected preferences sorted into suitability match and provided under three education levels – University, TAFE/College and On the Job.
  • Career Development Report :  a text summary (about 2 ½ pages) which overviews your profile and suggests areas which you might wish to ‘work’ on in a generic way to take charge of and succeed in your chosen career.

Once the online assessment has been done, Action Ideas would make contact with you to facilitate discussion about the information provided and request that select up to 3 ‘most preferred’ careers from the identified options as reported in the Career Options Report.  Your selection(s) are then used to run a further report:

  • Career Comparison Graph which compares your unique profile with the selected, specific career and identifies areas of match and also areas which might need attention to succeed.

From here, you have all you need to facilitate an action plan for managing your career in the desired direction.  Should you require further assistance we provide as much support as you need to make confident decisions about your future. Simply contact us.

Depending on your requirements and the services you choose, you will learn to:

  • Identify exactly what you want
  • Develop, assess and reality-test your options
  • Get focused
  • Identify and use your passion and gifts to advantage
  • Make confident decisions
  • Move forward with a Personal Career Plan
  • Overcome barriers to success
  • Stay motivated
  • Position and promote yourself for the future you want

Remember, it’s not where you have come from that matters;
it’s where you are going that counts.

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