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Whole Brain Technology™ and the HBDI™

Just think…would you or your organisation like to:

  • Lift your bottom line performance using 'Whole Brain Thinking'?
  • Improve your decision making, problem solving, planning & communication?
  • Differentiate yourself from others in the marketplace?
  • Innovate more consistently and effectively?
  • Become a 'Thought Leader' in your chosen field?

The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI™) is the world’s leading thinking styles assessment tool. The HBDI™ profile illustrates and explains the way you prefer to think, learn, communicate and make decisions. It identifies your preferred approach to emotional, analytical, structural, and strategic thinking. As we interact with the world, different situations require different types of thinking.

Understanding your personal thinking preferences will enable you to optimise your ability to adapt your thinking, decision-making or communication style to a given situation: it will also explain why it is easier to communicate with some people than it is with others. Your profile will also cast light on why some elements of your education or work seem effortless and more satisfying and why some academic subjects or hobbies are more interesting and appealing to you. 

Your profile is based on a metaphoric representation of the brain, distinguished by four quarters of thinking preferences as shown in the diagram below.

The organising principle of the Whole Brain Model™

the organising principle of the Whole Brain Model

Based on 25 years of brain research, we help individuals and organisations to understand and use their whole brains which many would say is the greatest ‘hidden’ asset or catalyst for innovation and competitive advantage on earth.

Whole Brain Model™

whole brain model

Applying HBDI™ technology

The HBDI™ is not just another assessment tool. The HBDI picks up where other assessment tools leave off. Where most assessments end with a single report, the HBDI™ offers a valuable range of applications, including the following – some of which may sound very familiar….

  • Are your people running out of ideas?
  • Are you looking to write new business in a difficult environment?
  • Looking for new products or to improve existing ones, but can’t find the key to crack the ‘killer’ concept or solution?
  • Experiencing a communication breakdown?
  • Difficult working relationships?  Not getting the most out of each others’   contributions?
  • Are people losing focus or are inefficiencies creeping in?

Some specific business applications

Team effectiveness/Team cohesion

Encourage team building through a better understanding of individual thinking preferences and an exploration of how these thinking preferences impact behaviour, and ultimately team effectiveness. Understand and value what each individual brings to a team and the contributions they can make.

Team CohesionComposite one: homogeneous team

The chart shows that each member of this group (all are engineers) approaches problems and challenges with the same emphasis on correctness. They have their own ways of doing things, and they reject variations from set standards. The members are difficult to work with although the quality of their work is excellent.

Composite two: heterogeneous team

This group includes managers from information technology, the mail room, and the cafeteria. Although the members share such goals as an orientation toward quality, they have experienced a wide range of business problems. Members regard one another as resources, enjoy the group’s diversity, and take great pride in teamwork.


Career development

Increase job fit. Decrease turnover and job dissatisfaction. Scan for high- potential leaders and factor thinking preferences into their career paths.

Communication/Conflict resolution

Analyse your messages and their match to the thinking styles of your internal/ external target audiences. Diversify and balance your communications to reach all audience segments. Reduce conflicts stemming from contrasting communication styles. Ensure effective communication with anyone, about anything, at any time.

Sales and marketing effectiveness

Apply thinking styles to shape market research, gain new insights into target markets and analyse trends. Factor customers’ tendencies and preferences into sales/negotiation methods.

Culture change/Organisational learning

Assess thinking styles across learning populations. Tailor learning to match learner preferences. Factor thinking styles into your strategies for managing culture change, mergers and acquisitions.

Strategy development

Map thinking styles of executives who shape strategy. Tailor strategy development process to turn differences from a liability into an advantage. Enhance clarity, confidence and consensus.

Creativity and innovation

Compose R&D groups, task forces and other groups to blend out-of-the- box thinkers and risk-takers with those demonstrating preferences toward analysis, planning and implementation.

Just think…you can apply HBDI™ technology to increase your understanding of:



Mental Diversity


Teaching and Training


Management Styles

Strategic Thinking and Planning


Personal Growth



Team Building Creative Problem Solving
Colleagues, Superiors & Subordinates Conflict Management & Resolution
Educational Development Career Training

Whatever the problem, Whole Brain Thinking™ is designed to get people (from CEO's through to the shop floor) to think better by understanding and using their whole brain. Whole Brain Thinking™ will, therefore, help people perform well beyond their own expectations and also, most importantly, beyond the expectations and needs of your organisation.

brain dominance

Your Return on Investment (ROI)

Using the Whole Brain approach, employing Whole Brain Technology™, you will find your company or organisation reaching new heights of performance, creativity and productivity – all because your people will be thinking better.

It will also expand your own horizons and perceptions of people's potential– helping realise the possible, not just the probable.

Click here for further information on the Background of Whole Brain Technology™ and the HBDI™.

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