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Action Ideas workshops
The fundamentals

Workshops / Facilitation

Action Ideas provides professional Personal and Corporate Development Workshops, Seminars, Training and Presentations on topical workplace, business and personal development related topics.   

Session duration, content and format are customised to meet specific audience or organiser requirements.

To enlist Deborah’s help in planning, designing and presenting a successful, informative and enjoyable workshop, seminar, training session or presentation for your audience, click here.

The Fundamentals

  • Planning on Purpose
  • Creating an inspirational personal and / or corporate Vision
  • Values identification for organisations and individuals
  • Organisational Culture – What is it? How does it develop? How do we grow it? How do we change it?

Moving forward – making progress – achieving goals

  • “BIG picture” Strategic planning for success
  • From Strategy to Reality – a clear plan of direction and action through Business Planning

Gaining / maintaining competitive advantage

  • Ready, Set, Go!  -  Identifying your areas of competitive advantage
  • Identifying and promoting Creativity in your workplace

Maximising personal / Team effectiveness

  • Superworking® – 21st Century peak performance using the latest mind / brain research to tap into techniques used by elite sports people, entertainers and other highly successful professionals.
  • Whole Brain Technology™ (incorporating the HBDI™) and how the impact of our unique thinking style leads to bottom line outcomes in business, learning and life.
  • Personality @ Work (incorporating the Myers Briggs Type Indicator)
  • Passion for life and work – finding, nurturing and keeping it
  • Transferable Skills Identification
  • Career Crossroads – “where to?” & “how?” from here?
  • Career Management - what do I need to do to move ahead?
  • Resume creation – translating your past into your desired future
  • Self Esteem – don’t leave home without it !
  • Emotional Intelligence
    • Emotional Intelligence @ Work (incorporating the EQ-i & / or EQ360)
    • Emotions @ Work – Why your EQ is more important than your  IQ
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence


We are experienced organisational, community and focus group facilitators – even for those “difficult” projects and key messages that need to be communicated in a sensitive manner.

Facilitation is about making the process easy and comfortable for all involved.  We do this through ensuring objectives, expectations, needs and outcomes are identified and understood in advance, thus maximising stakeholder contribution and desired outcomes.

Adept at gaining participant trust and constructive contribution from all stakeholders, our clients enjoy greater involvement and positive responses to oftentimes contentious, volatile and / or sensitive issues.

Contact us today to discuss how we can facilitate your next meeting, workshop, seminar or conference ensuring that:

  • All voices are equally heard in an un-biased framework
  • Desired objectives and outcomes are achieved
  • Focus and timeframes are effectively managed